Past - Present - Possibilities

Tracking Ilpeye Ilpeye community land transition to freehold - footprints for the future.


History of Town Camps; IIAC established

  • Indigenous Australians, the Arrernte (pronounced Arrunda) call Alice Springs (Mparntwe-pronounced m’barn-twa) home.

  • Aboriginal people from similar family and language groups live in and around Alice Springs, mostly in Town Camps.

  • Town camps (earlier labeled as ‘fringe’ camps or self-built ‘humpies’) existed prior Town gazetted in 1888 as Stuart — later renamed as Alice Springs in 1933.

  • Refer extensive literature on Central Australian history.







  • Although their land, the Indigenous people had virtually no formal holding capacity of their land estate until 1976.

  • Ilpeye Ilpeye Aboriginal Corporation (IIAC) Incorporated in 1979; applied for Ilpeye Ilpeye community land lease.

  • Northern Territory Crown Lease granted to IIAC in 1986.


Pre 2013 - community development to date:



  • 2007 Government Intervention in the Northern Territory

  • Government control and Secure Land Tenure policy

  • Aboriginal land holding arrangement in communities

Pre 2009 - community development to date:

  • 2009 IIAC negotiates land acquisition with Australia Govt

  • 2010 Australian Government acquired Ilpeye Ilpeye land

  • 2013 Tripartite Agreement—IIAC and both governments

  • 2021 Formal subdivision approval; vesting of Freehold titles by Australian Government to IIAC


Activate community aspirations

  • Improve the wellbeing of Ilpeye Ilpeye residents

  • Improve the standard of infrastructure, housing and services in Ilpeye Ilpeye

  • Facilitate Ilpeye Ilpeye home ownership and economic development opportunities

  • Ilpeye Ilpeye community development

Ilpeye Ilpeye ownership & control

  • Establish Ilpeye Ilpeye community centre

  • Community garden and tree planting

  • Local residents employment outcomes

  • Using land for economic development

  • Manage all community housing

  • Build partnerships, ideas & innovation

Ilpeye Ilpeye community self control / self direct future